Hi my loves,

March is bringing us some pretty intense energy already.  We have been getting hit with some big Geo Storms (to KP6) over the last week, the Schumann Resonance (Earth’s Heartbeat) has been reaching some big highs with unusual patterns, and we are about to have a powerful Super New Moon on Mothers Day (this Sunday).

Being a mother is one of the most underrated yet important roles on the planet, and so for many, Mothers Day will be a joyful time to honour and celebrate. That said, I also want to send my love to all those who struggle with complex emotions during this time

We may be grieving the relationship we never quite got to have, either ‘with’ our mother, or ‘as’ a mother.  They may have already left our side, or be sick or frail..  we may be working through childlessness, or child loss, or wishing we could have had a different experience as a mother ourselves.

Its not always an easy thing these ‘hallmark’ occasions, and like I said, the emotions could be complex.. joy ‘& guilt, love ‘&’ anger, sadness ‘&’ compassion.. So be gentle with yourselves and allow time for yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.

I always like to remind myself that everyone is doing the best with the resources they have available.. and we can only truly be kind to others to the degree we can be kind to ourselves.  It helps to bring compassion when things get challenging. 

So if nothing else, with this Super New Moon on Sunday, Mothers Day brings with it powerful new energy for setting intentions and manifesting.  Perhaps you can use this time to feel into what you would like to bring more of into your life.  Think about all the ‘maternal’ qualities you would like to experience more of in life  (no matter how these come in, or from whom).  Is it unconditional love, encouragement, play, more nourishment, kindness, praise, guidance?

You can do your own little ‘New Moon’ ritual as elaborately or as simply as you like.  Perhaps light a candle, sip on some heart opening Cacao <3, and then get reflective with some journal prompts to help set your intentions. 

If you are struggling to think of a fitting Mothers Day gift, remember you can always send a gift voucher for a lovely soundbath mini retreat, chakra classes, or blissful ceremonial cacao. Click below to go to vouchers, or click here for postal order vouchers and gifts.

We only have ONE soundbath in March (Sunday 17th) for the Spring Equinox, luckily it is really good one!  In fact its my favourite,... but I’ll write more about that soon.  I’d love to welcome you along; tickets will sell out, so book your space soon <3

Much love

Penny xx