Hi my loves,

Today is known as the 222 portal – full of healing properties you can harness with intentions, and coming directly after last nights X class solar flare.  If you felt wiped out yesterday or today, this is probably why.  These powerful flares are enough to take out radio technology, so as electromagnetic beings ourselves, our systems can feel this in a BIG way.  Make sure to hydrate and ground yourself – the energies are intense and may be effecting sleep.  If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, try to bring yourself back to centre, and to focus on just 3x things that need to be done in the day.  Let go of trying to do it all.

Luckily we are now on the run up to what is known as the most ‘Healing’ Full Moon of the year, which lands officially this Saturday and is the LAST one before the powerful Eclipse Season.  Those of us with a sensitive disposition may already be feeling the intensity, with more tiredness and a ‘purging’ type of energy.  Hydration and rest is really important right now, so just surrender to the process, and try not to push yourself.  

We have just entered Pisces season, and as this coming Full Moon is in Virgo, there is an energy of perfectionism – of needing to be, and to look a certain way.  You may be over thinking more than normal, and projecting onto others giving yourself needless anxiety.   Virgo energy is cerebral and can turn on itself with self critical thoughts, worry and guilt.. ‘I could have done it better’.   Luckily Chiron (who co-rules Virgo) reminds us we are all still children on our learning journey, and to go easy on ourselves when mistakes occur along the way.

This full moon invites us to assess what we are currently feeling responsible for, and to check if these things are still in alignment with our current highest values.  The Virgo Pisces axis – (known as the healing axis), also contains patterns of martyrdom, so this is a good time to check in on our patterns, asking – Is this serving me, am I seeing the full picture, am I over-giving, is this still what I want?  Virgo is aligned with health, and especially all the tiny things (microbiome for example).  It wants you to do something healthy for yourself, and as an Earth sign, is keen for you to keep bringing yourself back to the present, and back into your body.  When we are in harmony with ourselves so much more can be accomplished.

Feb 28th is a karmic point, so ensure you are doing things in highest alignment.  Jupiter (in Taurus) is squaring Venus and Mars, and that is all about where you want to go next.  This can bring up survival questions – tempting you to want to stay with the status quo, however, you’ll also be having some big and even wild ideas about new things you may want to try, or buy, or move to.  This may feel a bit conflicting in your system, and you may feel frustrated about the ‘how’.  Pace it out for now, and keep bringing yourself back to your heart.. 

The bigger spiritual lessons have been coming thick and fast – hopefully you have been paying attention to them and you are more aware.  Some clear decisions need to be made soon, as something else (something positive) wants to come in <3 

Chiron, the wise healing planet, is now conjunct the north node and Aries, and with this placement, we are at a new beginning.  Something new has been wanting to open up in February, but equally, it has been waiting for the right time.  There’s been something that had to heal first.  It’s an exciting time of new beginnings, but we are being called to take it slow and do it differently.  As Aries is not known for patience, slowing down may mean feeling out of synch for a while.  And yet despite all of that, trust you are ready for a new start, because YOU are different now.  

Sending much love and light

Penny xx