This Tuesday (twos-day) on 22.2.22, we have a once in a lifetime powerful portal opening. It’s an opportunity to come together in little pockets all around to globe to raise the collective consciousness of the planet. So I have created a powerful Guided Meditation for those of you who cannot attend a live class with me.

At the beginning of Feb I said this month was going to be a big one.. and it has not disappointed. We had Imbolc, the New Moon, and Chinese New Year of the Tiger, all on the same day and we celebrated in our Kundalini Yoga class with a very special class with fire divination and a guided meditation to visit Goddess Brigid. On the 02.02.22 there was also the first of the ‘Master Builder’ 222 Ascension Portal dates, but I didn’t want to swamp you with that info then.

This Tuesday however, is the 22.2.22 Ascension Portal, and it feels very fortuitous that it falls on a day we have class, as I am being strongly guided to facilitate a gathering for it. So in case this is all new to you….what on earth am I talking about?

You may have heard whispers of the word ‘Ascension’ being banded about, maybe with talk of 5D (not 5G that is very different). You may have also heard talk of multiple timelines… and even ‘reality transurfing’, depending on where you are along in your Spiritual journey. If all this sounds completely new to you (consciously) you might feel a glimmer of recognition somewhere deep in your cells, because the likelihood of you finding your way to one of my events, classes, or our beautiful Caapi, means you are probably a lot more spiritual than you might let on to yourself ;). And in which case, you are not going to want to let this day go by without conscious involvement, in some way or other.

We are all at different stages in our developmental journey and it is by no means linear.. its nothing to do with how long you have been practicing spirituality or attending classes. It is about how curious you are to discovering new perspectives, as well as how open you are to letting go of old paradigms and beliefs that don’t serve you, even if it means jumping into the void at times…

Don’t worry – the 22.2.22 is a beautiful thing to celebrate, no matter where you stand on ‘portals’ lol… You can even just look at this as a day when many people are all meditating on a collective vision to create a better world and release things that are not serving themselves. And who doesn’t want to get behind that concept 😉

Without turning this blog into a lesson from a modern day Mystic School (which to be honest I secretly have always wanted to create ;p) here is a brief outline, and if it calls you to look into it further, then by all means go scurry down the rabbit holes of the internet my loves. I have lived like Alice in Wonderland most of my life so I’m very at home down there and happy to assist if you get stuck in a tight one ;).

Tesla said that the secrets of the universe are energy, frequency and vibration, and those of you who have looked into sacred geometry will know that numbers, mathematical equations and the ancient language of numerology play rather a large role in those ‘secrets’.

The frequency of the number 22, (which is known as “The Master Builder number”) is anchoring us into love, unity and compassion as Conscious Creators. The frequency of co-creation, devotion, embodiment and intuition are also all aspects of the Master Builder 22 number, and this powerful Portal date supports us to anchor in higher timelines for collective awakening. Also day 22 of the lunar cycle is known as Wisdom Day, and aside from a wonderful day for learning, for sages and philosophers, is a day when information seemingly just drops into our awareness, as if from heaven itself – 3rd eye activation is highlighted. This would also be a good day to meditate with the Sri Yantra (image above)

These important portal dates bring about light code activations that are said to upgrade our DNA (remember all that so called ‘junk’ DNA we have? – well it’s not junk, it just needs activating).. We have been getting flooded with photonic light for a long time now, which is why there has been such an increase in consciousness on the planet lately, and why so many ‘dark’ things about humanity are coming up to the surface now to be cleared up. Researching David Hawkins MD will help you understand levels of consciousness which will be another piece of the jigsaw.

This 222 portal is helping to dissolve separation, and create a new union for humanity. It is reworking our values – we are getting to know ourselves underneath the old conditioning and are getting a greater capacity to see (and accept) each other fully too, maybe for the first time. It is a time for complete rebalancing as also Mars and Venus are in conjunction with Pluto – who returns to his throne today 20.02.22 (248 years since last cycle). Pluto always breaks down everything without ‘real’ foundations, shaking things up that were not based in truth. Truth must come first and foremost, truth is where real intimacy comes from.

I would love to have you all join me in person for this wonderful event; to immerse you in the beautiful amplified field of our Kundalini Yoga class, but for those of you scattered around the globe you do not need to miss out.  You can join via the ether, by purchasing my very special guided meditation here for just a small fee to contribute to the energy exchange.  

Intention is everything, so as long as you are doing ‘something’ on that day to visualise where you want yourself and the world to be headed, then it is still helping the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the planet.

Sending you all an abundance of love-light wherever you and and I hope you really make the most of this incredible portal 22.2.22.

Namaste sweet souls