Hi my loves,

Last night saw us fully entering the Eclipse Season with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the Aries/Libra Axis.  Eclipses are exciting yet often challenging times, as they increase the potency of the moon 100x fold.  Their effects on us are unpredictable and often shocking, earning their affectionately given title of ‘wildcards’.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs during a Full Moon, (which is already a time of letting go, cleansing and release), therefore during this time the energy intensifies as our soul lines up to its highest calling.  If we have strayed away from our path, this is when we may feel a jolt, as things that do no longer serve us are stripped away for our highest good.

Eclipse seasons bring about soul-level healing opportunities, huge leaps in consciousness and life altering transformation. They trigger our unhealed wounds and show us where we are out of alignment.  Yet nothing is personal, they are just showing us what is true in this ‘now’ moment – and what is true for us, needs to be taken seriously (by us).

During this eclipse not only is the sun in Aries, but also Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Eris, which is adding strength to the Arian energy. Aries symbolises individuality, discovering your truth, and claiming your inner authority.  There is a big push here to find your true values and to develop an empowered relationship with your ‘self’.  The Moon however is in Libra, which is concerned with relationship to ‘other’ and provides a mirror to help discover deep and hidden pieces of yourself.

Therefore the Libra/Aries axis themes are asking us to consider what our current relationship agreements are – are we in integrity with ourselves, are we being honest, are we stuck in people pleasing habits.. and all of these issues will have been coming up for us for the last 2x weeks at least, if not since the April 2023 eclipse.

Our soul wants us to recognise where we may be wearing a mask and not being our true authentic selves; its mission is to help ‘wake us up’ to realign with our path.  It doesn’t care if our head says we need to keep the soulless job so we can pay the bills, or stay in the disconnected and dysfunctional relationship ‘because of the kids’…. It wants to show us there are better ways than we can even dream of from our current vantage point.

The Lunar Eclipse happens in the ‘South Node’ which is concerned with our foundations and our past – therefore we are being called to review the past and face what needs to end.

Eclipses MUST make us uncomfortable, otherwise we would not grow!!!

Remember you only need to take the first courageous step in listening to your souls calling, and the path will open up in front of you.  *You do NOT need to see the whole stairway – just take the first step… (*famous quote).

Will it be your soul’s calling – or the soulless path?  This eclipse energy may well be making the decision for us, but rest assured whatever is going into the fire, it WILL be for our highest good <3

The warrior, assertive energy that is coming through from Aries is strongly urging us towards self empowerment and to align to our divine purpose.  You may be called to look at old power struggles, and fear based judgements, and anything that does not serve your feeling of self worth will be under pressure to be cleared, reset and released.  The big message here is to line up with your SELF LOVE.

A Solar Eclipse occurs during the New Moon, (which is a time for setting intentions and manifestation), and therefore there’s HUGE opportunities to line up with our highest callings if space has been made during the Lunar (letting go) eclipse energy.  This will be over the next couple of weeks before the solar eclipse lands on 8th April.

We also have Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries playing its part during the Eclipse.  Chiron will be stationed here in Aries for 7 years, and brings our awareness back into our childhood wounds – especially those that we created in our sense of self.  Where were we not seen, heard, or accepted as our true selves by our caregivers?

This means we have a wonderful opportunity to heal the wounds of our inner child, as the energy of Aries (being the first sign of the zodiac chart) is equated to our toddler stage of development. 

At this stage of development It does not have the hang ups of ‘labels’, and it’s not concerned with the question of ‘who am I?’ it’s just beautifully liberated and free. It is joyful, exuberant, takes risks, is courageous, pioneering and experimental.  It shows up before it knows or understands what its getting into, so there’s a kind of fresh naivety it brings.  It is the returning and healing of this placement that will really help to heal the wounds of Chiron.

The Solar Eclipse is in the North Node, which symbolises our future collective destiny.  Any wounds or traumas that have shaped our collective evolution, especially in the themes of war, conflict and victimhood, will now be under the spotlight for healing, and we are being asked to bring awareness to our individual contribution to these themes.  Where are we at war within ourselves – where are we still in a victimhood mentality?

This might mean things getting more uncomfortable or challenging for a time, as we face the wounds to enable this deep healing to occur.  Social healing and de-centralisation of power might be called for in societies all around the globe; and we may be demanding more freedom and truth.  And that is a VERY good thing!

This Solar Eclipse is a POWERFUL opportunity to visualise a NEW EARTH energy..  This is a time we can use our collective visioning for the force of good…

It is of vital importance that we do not lend energy to the darkest wounded aspects of humanity which we will likely be force fed though the media streams, but instead, call in the light.  Dream our dreams and visions of fairness, truth, justice, freedom, harmony and collaboration – because we really do have the power to bring this in as we step over the threshold.

Sending love-light to you all beautiful souls.  Let’s cross this eclipse season hand in hand, gently and courageously – with LOVE in our hearts, minds and spirits.

Sat Nam

with love, Penny