I am so excited that it’s my birthday on the exact day of our FIRST Super Moon of 2023.

Although we are now in Cancerian Season, this moon is known as the Full ‘Buck’ Moon, and is in the earthy, resourceful, and wise sign of Capricorn the ‘Sea Goat’.

So I wanted to show my appreciation of it, and you, by giving you a little mini soundbath at the end of my Kundalini Class on Tuesday 4th.   This will be a deeply nourishing and relaxing end to a mindful, yet equally invigorating class, to help release stagnant energies and leave you feeling blissed out, and ready to float off to bed…

I can’t wait to share this magical and very special evening with you, out in nature under the divine light of this Super Moon <3

Of course in terms of Sun signs, we are now in Cancerian season; the water sign ruled by the Moon itself, and most well known for its nurturing, intuitive and empathic qualities.  The Moon is exalted (enjoys being) in this strong earth sign of Capricorn, even so, this lunation will provide an emotionally intense period that many of us might already be feeling, especially as this is a ‘super moon’ which intensifies the moon’s activity tenfold.

This half-goat, half-fish sign can navigate deep, emotional waters – yet use their hooves to help them back to dry land,.  It shows us how we too can get the best out of ourselves when we allow the emotional depth that can come in the here and now, as well as  practicing steadfast practical determination when necessary too.  It doesn’t have to be either/or.

It seems fitting (with all this water in the astrology), to bring along my gong ‘Neptune’ – perfect for such a night with his oceanic and hypnotic frequencies, as well as a few signing bowls to soothe you.

It will be wonderful if you can make it along, and what a perfect time to try out kundalini yoga if you have not yet.

It’s important to book on, so I can have enough eye masks, and if you have never attended a Kundalini class before I do have some information I will need to give you in advance.  I can then let you know if we have to make any last minute adjustments to where we practice for weather, or other such reasons.

Drop in price is just £12 and you can pay cash on the day or online by clicking the booking here.  I’m really looking forward to seeing you.